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I was chattting to Sparky last night, as you do, well maybe not from Oman very often!! Anyway, I remembered that we used to have "Houses" at Lescudjack. I remeber the names of three of them, RESTOMAL, LANDER and TREVITHICK but can't for the life of me remember the fourth!!

We were given a...
As there is a thread for Lescudjack School which I can't join in on ( :mad: ) as I am too young ( ;D ) I thought I would start one for Humphry Davy School. I am not sure when this school was created, perhaps someone could fill me in? I attended in between 1985 and 1990 in the "golden years" when...
We've been donated hundreds of pictures of Lescudjack School. These pictures date from 1950's up until the school merged with Humphry Davy School in the 1980's.
We are also in contact with most of the old teaching staff who are going to supply more pictures and help put the names to the faces....
I've added to YouTube a video of a section of a 1995 programme called Little River Journeys.

It features my grandfather Stan Thomas of Brookside Garage fame [or infamy if you prefer], who many of you will probably remember either from the motorbike days, or latterly the exquisitely appointed...