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Sandy Bank Penzance

This picture of Sandy Bank was taken in 1924. I haven't been given any copyright information with this picture so I hope that this picture is ok to put up. However if anyone knows that this might be in copyright then let me know please. I couldn't find anything myself.

Sandy Bank Penzance
Halfhidden, Apr 24, 2009
    • treeve
      Not the Frith one - they waited for a really sunny day for theirs. Interesting to see the end of Batten s Wharf.
    • fleagle
      Sunny day! they must have waited around for ages. Somebody I know is writing a book about Hayle during the second world war and he said the copyright for photos has been extended to 75 years. So unless this one has been registered since 1924 you should be o.k.l
    • treeve
      Copyright is taken from the date of the death of the author or photographer, [Intellectual Rights], as I understand the Laws.
    • Halfhidden
      At this moment in time UK law is the same as European law. Treeve is correct it is indeed 75 years after the death of the author. However, if that author works for a company that he owned then, and that company is still trading today, then this picture is still in copyright. Today the law is different. Anyone who is employed to take pictures automatically hands the copyright to the company who employs them.
    • denanmor
      When was this called Sandy Bank? Another great picture I haven t seen before. Looks as if the sun is rising over the Mount! :)
    • treeve
      The area strictly speaking is Sandy Cove, and was the men s bathing area. Battens s Wharf is immediately centre, where coal ships pulled in. Sandy Bank per se was the area now covered by The Promenade, and was a long area of sand dunes, set on a clay bed (decayed killas shale); In normal circumstances a shoreline of this type is self generating and self perpetuating; but The Promanade and Batten s Wharf changed all of that; the construction of the Bathing Pool changed the currents again, so now the shoreline is not self regenerating. My grandfather told me of times when the area in front of Regent Terrace and behind the Queen s Hotel was awash with water on occasion, as the seawater was enclosed by a clay bed. In works I was working on in the 1990s, I discovered the ground still got wet under buildings in that area. I digress .... ;)
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    Apr 24, 2009
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