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lescudjack school

  1. Halfhidden


    Written by J.W.Firth (Headmaster Lescudjack County Secondary School 1959 - 1972) Credits Ray and Rhys Owens Written in 1964 as a review of the school. I was appointed Headmaster of Lescudjack County Secondary School on April 13th 1959 and joined the staff in the following September. It was soon...
  2. Halfhidden


    In September 1958 after 43 years of separate existence, the two Lescudjack schools became one. The amalgamation, which might well have been a difficult operation, bearing in mind the long tradition of division, was accomplished remarkably smoothly. The L.E.A. and the Governors of the two...
  3. Halfhidden

    Headmistress Lescudjack School 1938 - 1958

    THE LESCUDJACK COUNCIL SCHOOL Written by L. W. Harvey, (Headmistress, Girls' School, 1938 - 1958) Credits Ray and Rhys Owens I was appointed Head Mistress of Lescudjack Girls' School in September 1938. At that time, it was an all-age school, ages ranging from 7—14 years. There were five...
  4. Halfhidden

    Lescudjack School's First Headmistress 1915

    THE LESCUDJACK COUNCIL SCHOOL Written by J. S. Ellis, (Headmistress, Girls' School, 1915-1938) Credits Ray and Rhys Owens The Lescudjack School took the place of the old Wesleyan School in Chapel Street, which had been condemned by H.M. Inspectors, because of its lack of Recreation space...
  5. Halfhidden

    The Book Of Ern

    Previously unseen this document has been uncovered that gives an interesting view of the change to the comprehensive system and the effect on Lescudjack School, the staff and the pupils. It was written by the teaching staff over a period of three years to finally become The Book of Ern...
  6. Lescudjack School Boat shed

    Lescudjack School Boat shed

    I think this was the boat shed and later became the bike shed and later still knocked down alltogether.