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  1. Parc Mellan Treneere Estate

    Parc Mellan Treneere Estate

    This picture was taken in the snow during the 1980's I remember the large green and the Heamoor link road.
  2. Parc Mellan

    Parc Mellan

    This is what the houses use to look like before being modernised...see the old style windows and nightmare to paint.
  3. Parc Mellan before the bypass

    Parc Mellan before the bypass

    Here is my wife and my mother in law with our nephew before the bypass went through Treneere.This Picture was taken August 1984 Picture donated by Nigel_53
  4. Parc Mellan and the Prefabs

    Parc Mellan and the Prefabs

    Donated by Elaine Harper of Parc Mellan. This picture was taken looking up towards Colinsey. You can see the rear of the Prefabs and their washing lines. The girl in the picture is Rachel Harper.