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  1. Treneere Mill

    Treneere Mill

    Viewed from Trannack Road.
  2. Treneere Mill

    Treneere Mill

    Is this Treneere mill? if so what year do you think it was taken?
  3. Branwells Mill

    Branwells Mill

    Looking colourful in 1994
  4. Treneere Mill - 6

    Treneere Mill - 6

    once I had made the connection ... there it was; turned into a house with plastic windows (yuck!); I am unsure if it was occupied. But it is so good to see a piece of our history still standing.
  5. Treneere Mill - 5

    Treneere Mill - 5

    A closer look over the river - in a very muddy and wet field. Like being a child all over again.
  6. Treneere Mill - 4

    Treneere Mill - 4

    The first idea that the mill still exists ... not a little excitement ...
  7. Treneere Mill - 3

    Treneere Mill - 3

    I have walked the greater part of the rivers, sometimes in the river. I then noticed the chimney poking out of the trees, and searched for the way in.... then I remembered Treneere Barton - my father and I used to visit someone there.
  8. Treneere Mill - 2

    Treneere Mill - 2

    I had no idea Treneere Mill still existed, for the trees are now hiding even the chimney. This water mill (with steam power as auxiliary) dates from the early 19C, and maybe even earlier; James Pengelly operated it in 1880 or so. I have much more research to complete.
  9. Treneere Mill - 1

    Treneere Mill - 1

    Treneere Mill; my father worked on the farms around Treneere, as gardener and other duties, as well as working for TF Hosking; in the process I went along, and got into just about every crook and nanny; one of these was Treneere Mill. My dear granny lived in Parc Mellan and so I was really...