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1978 - 1979 Lescudjack School Teachers


Staff member

Staff 1978/79 Headmaster Mr. W. V. Cock
Deputy Headmaster Mr. E. G. Turner
Senior Mistress Mrs. B. L. Turner
Mr. Ac Bennett,B.Ed.M.A.
Mrs. S. Merritt, B.Ed
Mrs. M. Burfield
Mr. G. A. Ostins.B.Sc.L.I.M.
Mrs. J. Cole
Mr. J. R. Owens,B.A.Dip.Ed.
Mrs. M. Cresswell
Mr. J. Piper
Mrs. C. Curnow
Mr. M. Praed
Mr. M. Curnow
Mr. P. Poulter
Mr. J. Davis,B.Soc.Sc.
Mrs. E. Ridge
Mrs. E. Ham
Mr. A. Royall
Mrs. Ri Hancock,B.Sc.
Mrs, I. B. Russell
Mrs. E. M. Harris
Mr. G.. Sainsbury
Mr. P. D. Harris
Mrs. S. Smith
Miss T. Head
Mr. P. Toland
Mr. D. Horton
Mr. G. E. T. Tonkin
Mr. E.V. Keller
Mr. M. Weeks
Mr. S. Livingstone
Mrs. M. White
Mr. P. Marks, B.Ed.
Mr. G. Williams
Mr. W. J. A. Mead
Mrs. M. Rawles (part-time)
School Secretary Mrs. P. C. Richards
Assistant Secretary Mrs. M. W. Royall
Laboratory/A.Y.A. Technician Mr. C. B. Olds
School Caretaker Mr. J. J. Harris
Assistant Caretaker Mr. A.. D, Barnes
School Cook Mrs. P. Rowe
Groundsman Mr. C. Mann