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Buildings work in and near to Penzance December 1878


Staff member
Although our largest and most important improvements is still in planning, that of the construction of docks by which, probably, £20,000 will be spent in labour, we have some sources of employ, which are very valuable to our little community, and especially to our masons and carpenters. The new railway station is slowly and steadily advancing, giving work about for about 40 persons. Messrs. Vernon and Evens, Cheltenham, are the contractors. They are the builders of the Millbay and North Road Railway Stations, the latter of which, it is thought here, in the extreme west, contains some splendid specimens of iron- work, especially in the roof. The whole of the exterior walls of our new station require the aid of scaffolding; the south, or harbour, frontage being the most advanced.

The docks and the proposed new road from Alverton to the Western Esplanade only await legal formalities and Government approval. These once gained there would be wide fields for labour, because not only would a new road be made but, very tempting building sites being available, villas would soon be commenced.

At the extreme west of the borough Mr. Robbins steadily pushing on the three roads which open excellent building plots, each 100 yards, on what is known as the Hawkins property—land between Alexandra-road and the town, and the pretty slopes west of Polwithen and north Alverton-lane.

The large Bible Christian Chapel in Taroveor-lane, the foundation stone of which was laid a few months ago by Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart., M.P., is completed far as the walls and roof are concerned, and Mr. Henry Carne, the contractor, is pushing the woodwork of the interior.
In Rosevean-road and St. James's-street, several houses, which will be let £12 and £14 a year, are being built.

Madron is enclosing its new additional burial-ground. Paul has commenced its new Board schools (Mr. Henry Carne, carpenter: Messrs. Dustow and Sons, masons). Newlyn, which is also Paul parish, commences very shortly an addition to its day and Sunday schools, the plans for which have been prepared Mr. Trounson, of Penzance. The same architect has drawn plans for a Mortuary Chapel at Lelant, the gift of the late Capt. Perry. Mr. Phillip Hurrell, of Lelant, who has been doing a good deal of work on the Trevethoe estates, has the contract for this. Mr. Praed, M.P, gives £10 towards this work, as to add a little ornament to the building.

Masons this neighbourhood are also engaged on a residence which is being built for Miss Seymour (an artist considerable taste, and whose drawings are much admired) at Porthleven. Mr. Trounson drew the plans for this pretty villa.

Returning to Madron, we may see the commencement of the new girls' and infant’s schools, which owe their existence to the benevolence of the late Mr. Daniel, and to the determination of the trustees under his will to extend the benefits of his educational scheme. The contractors are Messrs. Trythall Ford, and who will have the spending of £1,000. Mr. Daniel's crest will be placed in the main gable end of the schools. This bit carving is entrusted to well-known exponent art, and friend of humanity, Mr. Harry Hems.