Camborne woman Edna, 95, marries 'toy boy' Harry, 88


View attachment 162AGE is no barrier to love as Edna Holford and Harry Corton demonstrated at Camborne on Saturday.
The 95-year-old widow, who lives at Redruth, married her 88-year-old 'toy boy' at Camborne Register Office.
The couple, who are both active and healthy, met on a dance holiday at Brighton five years ago.
Since then they have had a long distance romance, as Harry lives in Yorkshire, travelling to see each other three or four times a year.
Harry came down at Easter and proposed. "I was rather surprised but, of course, said yes," said Edna.
"We couldn't live in sin just because of our ages.
"We love each other. I was married in blue because our love is true."
The ceremony, attended by family and friends, was very emotional.
Among the guests was Edna's 97-year-old sister, Ivy, who travelled down from Birmingham by coach with her daughter, Carol.
Edna's stepdaughter, Diana Jennings, and stepgranddaughter, Kate Bird, said: "It was a lovely occasion, with lots of tears.
"It was a very moving ceremony because it's so rare.
"At one point the registrar asked them to move a little closer together. Harry's reply was 'we'll save that for later'."
The couple, neither of whom have children of their own, have decided against a honeymoon.
They have moved into Edna's flat at Miners Court, Redruth. She moved there earlier this year, having previously lived at St Day for 25 years.
"Harry has a home in Yorkshire but I couldn't move up there, it's too cold.
"This is about companionship as well as love. We were lonely people living on our own. Being together is fun."
Quickly settling into married life, Edna and Harry were off out on Tuesday for their weekly indoor bowls game.
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