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Christmas Charity Cheer


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An anonymous donor in West Cornwall has replaced £350 raised for the RNLI and stolen by thieves.
Staff at Shelley's hairdressers in St Just were devastated after the burglars took the donations, a laptop and their cash saved from tips.
Amy Burton from the salon says: "I was devastated really. Your own money you can deal with.
"But people come here every year to buy their cards. It's a local charity. People were quite upset about it."
Amy Burton says the donation has lifted everyone's spirits

Brian Simpson from Sennen Lifeboat says: "I was appalled that anyone could steep to the depths of taking charity money.
"When I rang the hairdressers the girls were devastated.
"All the money that is raised counts. It's all important and the RNLI relies 100% on donations."
But there was some good news. The replacement for the charity's cash arrived in an envelope.
Amy Burton says the donation has lifted everyone's spirits.
"A letter was shoved under the door and I was very shocked to find a very big donation in it.
"It puts your faith back in the general public. It was a lovely outcome to a horrible thing that's happened."
Brian Simpson is very grateful.
He says: "I was amazed at the generosity of people who are quite prepared to support both the hairdressers and the RNLI in such a terrible situation.
"The local people of St Just and around are always very generous."
Staff at the salon say they will continue supporting the Sennen lifeboat and will be selling charity Christmas cards again next year.

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