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Is Cornwall Council spying on you?


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View attachment 66It is revealed more than thirty people in Cornwall have been spied on in the last two years.

Back when we still had district councils they used surveillance powers to check everything from suspected benefit fraud to seeing how many people lived in a particular house.

The government has already said it is going to curb powers.
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Anyone who has done nothing wrong should then have no fear or concerns; such surveillance has to be approved as far as various laws and civil rights organisations, and expenses involved in that 'spying' operation have to be verified as being appropriate. The announcement is more of an indictment of the depths to which certain alleged abuses will reach, than any criticism of any local authority or wider organisation and their need to perform such surveillance. This has not reached the levels of the Cheka, NKVD, KGB, McCarthyism, Tokko or any other intrusion with deadly intent. Claim benefit for a broken back and then get seen doing car repairs tends to invite questions. Besides, any theft of funds is a theft of what is ours as a Nation. Some element of costs and expenditure is due to thieves.


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Anyone who has done nothing wrong should then have no fear or concerns
I have to disagree. The "If you have done nothing wrong" argument would only ever be a viable one if those who have the power to use these forms of surveillance had themselves never done anything wrong, and you were 100% sure that they never would. There is no-one on this planet that, in my opinion, would fit such stipulation.
Seeing as some of these surveillance powers that were introduced, allegedly, to tackle terrorism, have now been used to check on what people are putting in their bins (it said so in the Daily Mail, so it must be true), can you honestly say that we should have "no fear or concerns"?
Personally, I think that the government needs to do more than just curb these powers, it needs to have a full, open, honest, public debate about the desirability of powers such as these, and if they are found to be desirable, what sort of independent, democratically elected body do we wish to see licensing, and policing the use of, these powers.