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Plans submitted Pavilion Penzance


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monthly meeting of Penzance Town council was at the Council Chamber, Public Buildings, on Wednesday October 18th 1911. Tbe Mayor (Coun. A. K. Barnett) presided and there were also present Alderm, W J Bazeley, R. Pearce Couch, C Hill, J. H. Tonking, W. M. Julyan, Councillors Howell Mabbott, R Waters. S. E. Morrish, J. Pope, Alfred Martin, J Lethby, J. H. Bunt, A. P. Hurley, J H Bennetts, B. C. Matthews, John Banfield C. E. Venning, J. Vivian Thomas Geo. Poole, C Branwell, W. H. Trounson with the town clerk (Mr. T. Cornish ), clerk to committees (Mr. H. C Tonkin), surveyor (Mr. F. Latham), Medical officer (Dr R C Lawry), and sanitary inspector (Mr. N. C. Whear).

PROPOSED PAVILION. Town Clerk having read a short reference to the proposed Pavilion.

Coun Mabbott suggested, in view of differences which had arisen which might possibly cause some delay, that the matter be referred to the Town clerk, Merssrs Borlase and Venning (acting on behalth of Mr, Bolitho), and Mr. J. Venning Thomas (acting on behalf of the of the scheme). If these gentlemen met they were more likely to devise some way out of the difficulty than were the council. He formally moved that.

The Town Clerk said he had asked that the matter should be referred to the Pleasure Grounds Committee. There was an important matter of fact at issue and not a point of law.

Coun Mabbott said he would be willing that the matter should be referred to the committee if the latter were given power to act. If they were to have that pavilion next year, they could afford to delay any further. If the Council would give the committee power to act, nothing would be done to jeopardise the council in any way.

Coun Thomas said the gentlemen who had that matter in hand were extremely anxious to have it completed in order that the foundation stone be laid during the Mayor's year of office. The motion was agreed to.

Coun Mabbott moved and Coun. Branwell seconded the adoption of the report of the Pleasure Grounds Committee.

The committee report the receipt of the final plans of the Proposed pavilion from the promoters The chairman and the surveyor were instructed to wait on Mr. H. White, architect, with the view of obtaining Mr T R Bolitho’s assent thereto.

October 9th 1911.-The following letter was read:

Dear sir, Mr T R Bolitho informs us that plans of the above have been sent to him by you for his approval, and he desires us to say on his behalf that he is prepared to give such approval on the understanding or condition that the council retains in its hands a reasonable control over the description and nature of the entertainments provided for this point

The Town Clerk was instructed to send Messrs Borlase and Venning a copy of the draft building agreement. The committee submit herewith a final complete set of plans of the proposed pavilion, which they recommended be approved, and signed by the town clerk on behalf of the council and further that the Mayor be authorised to affix the seal of the council to the agreement between the council and the promoters on Mr Bolitho’s consent to the proposed building being obtained, that procession of the plot be given to the promoters on the signing of the agreement and the deposit being paid.