Police job cuts


More than 180 police officers could be lost across Devon and Cornwall in a bid to meet government cuts.

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The police force covering the two counties has been told to cut £2.8m in this financial year's budget.
Devon and Cornwall Police Authority (DCPA) said the cuts would see at least 180 officers lost.
Chair of DCPA, Mike Bull said: "Our concern is to make sure that the minimal affect is on frontline policing."
National economy He added: "If these cuts impact as seriously as we expect then it's very hard to predict that it wont impact on police officer numbers or staff numbers."
DCPA said that about 80% of the authority's budget was spent on "people".
Mr Bull said: "The fact that we're facing these cuts is not a reflection of poor management in terms of the police service, it's the impact of the national economy."
It is expected that the full impact of the cuts will be known in the next couple of months.
Forces across England and Wales have been asked by the Home Office to cut a total of £125m as part of plans to cut the budget deficit.


Well I suppose many of the lost posts will be taken by officers taking early retirement. That's where a large chunk of the polices financing goes, on pensions. Vast ammounts paid out, our fault, we're living too long.
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