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Police officers forced to retire after 30-years


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Police officers in Devon and Cornwall will be forced to retire after 30-years of service to save money, the force has confirmed.
The police authority has agreed to use police regulation A19.
The regulation states that compulsory retirement can be made "on grounds of efficiency of the force".
It is thought the regulation could affect about 500 officers in Devon and Cornwall, helping the force to make savings of £47m over four years.
Devon and Cornwall's Chief Constable Stephen Otter said: "The decision made around A19 needs to be seen against unprecedented cuts in policing of £47m over four years.
"The decision we made is just about the people retiring after 30 years service, making sure that we can actually control the number of retiring people so we can manage the budget.
"The actual savings come from the freeze on recruitment."
'Particular skill' Mr Otter said that on average police officers retired within a year of completing their 30-years service.
He also said that it would be possible to defer retirement if the officer in question had a particular skill which could not be replaced quickly.
Nigel Rabbits from the Devon & Cornwall Police Federation said: "We're disappointed, we have some legal arguments we need to take up with the force and that will be done in a professional way."
He also said that a consultation would take place to discuss "some degree of flexibility for the officers to leave the force with dignity".
In total about 700 officers from the police force are due to be cut to make financial savings.

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This is not a good thing, I know i've been banging on about the police pension fund not being able to cope with retirees in roughly five years, but this latest scheme is a disaster. When the older officers retire, we will be left with a much younger force (they're young enough now). They are no longer trained to use discretion, and for the most part seem not to have been shown the Code Of Conduct which in the first paragraph states, "The primary duties of those who hold the office of constable are The Protection Of Life And Property, The preservation Of The Queens Peace". Now fast forward to the student demos, please don't say "They Deserved It" they didn't. If it was your 15 or 16 year old child being beaten with a baton by men dressed in protective armour, and hard hats, just because they were near the front, maybe you might have something to say about it. OK they were naughty and sprayed a few statues, and threw paint bombs in balloons, but that can be cleaned off, no stitches needed. Then look at the casualties amongst the students, outrageous, broken arms, lacerations to the face and head, and various injuries which required hospital treatment, disgusting !! The police are now using gratuitous violence, and do it with impunity in front of the cameras, (of course you only see the police getting hurt on the TV) but go onto you tube and see the real footage, it's a different perspective completely. They should realise that the general public and especially the parents of the children battered in the protest, have seen the new face of Law And Order. It's not pretty is it?? The next protests will bring more and more violence, which will of course be blamed on the protestors. Bullcrap, it's the police tactics and moles in the crowd that start it, not the general protestors. It will take only one death of a youngster at the hands of the gestapo to bring this country to civil disobedience the like we have never seen. If you think the poll tax riots were bad, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".


Major Contributor
A disgrace, just who are the idiots forcibly retiring age and experience. Money? Better to save on the waste of space making these proposals.


Shame On Them.

Saturday, Dec 11, 2010

Alfie Meadows, 20, a Middlesex University student, underwent brain surgery after being hit with a police truncheon during Thursday’s tuition fees protest.

Alfie was trying to leave the kettling area outside Westminster Abbey in London when he was hit and fell unconscious after allegedly being hit by a police truncheon. He developed bleeding on his brain on the way to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and underwent a three-hour operation to save his life.

His mother, Susan Meadows, an English literature lecturer at Roehampton University, said, “He survived the operation, and he’s in the recovery room.”

Alfie, a student of philosophy, was among the protesters against the rises in university tuition fees up to three times, but tried to leave the area with some other students and lecturers after the police announced had announced the non-trouble-makers would be allowed to leave. But suddenly the police, who had kettled the protesters, turned violet on him and others and he received deadly blow on his head.

Alfie’s father, Matthew Meadows, 62, a writer and artist, said the family had been ‘desperately upset’.

Alfie Meadows was among 44 people treated in hospital after clashes between students and the riot police.

Speaking later, Mrs Meadows said, “’The wonderful news is that Alfie is talking and doing very well. But he’s got tubes coming out of him everywhere. He will be in hospital for quite a while, it was a very major thing.”

She said she felt ‘very strongly’ about the police behaviour, adding, “It’s part of a pattern of the way in which these events are being policed.”

Miss Power, 32, a philosophy lecturer, said, “The police were getting very violent at that point. Where I tried to get out they were charging with horses. We had to run back.”

Clare Solomon, president of the University of London Union, blamed the trouble on provocation by ‘a violent minority within the police force’.


Part 4 Of The Police Code Of Conduct States >>

"Officers must never knowingly use more force than is reasonable, nor should they abuse their authority".

These Met Officers are now just a bunch of thugs, there's no other words for this behaviour.

Name and shame them, that's the only way to curb this gratuitous violence now being used against anyone who protests. Now they are considering using water cannons and banning public demonstrations. If you're waiting for a Dictatorship to arrive, it's not beyond the realms of possibillity now.