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Popular teenager took drug before hanging himself


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A teenage boy who hanged himself in a wood in Cornwall had taken mephadrone before he died, an inquest has heard.

Reece Adam Flack, 18, was found hanging from a tree by a man out walking his dog in the woods near Camborne.

Yesterday the inquest at Truro heard how 0.32mg per litre of the illegal class B drug was detected in Reece's blood - no other drugs or alcohol were found.

Up until recently the drug was considered a "legal high" until the Government stepped in to brand it a controlled drug.
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A post-mortem revealed that Reece, a labourer, died as a result of hanging.

Reece's heartbroken mother, Julie James, surrounded by family and friends, wept as details of her son's death came to light in the court.

She said: "I loved Reece very much. I had a good, loving relationship with him. Reece was a loveable, cheeky character who could be very charming.

Mrs James, who was comforted by her husband Barry throughout the hearing, said although Reece had moved out of the family home nine months before he died, he was happy, never spoke of taking his own life and often came to visit.

On the day he died Reece had been at Wadebridge with friends enjoying a motocross event.

The court heard how dog walker Stephen Pascoe had walked passed Reece who was sitting on a white, plastic chair on April 18 this year at around 7.40pm.

In a written statement read out to the court he said the boy appeared to be texting on his mobile phone.

When Mr Pascoe returned to the spot around half an hour later he saw Reece hanging from the tree by a thin, blue rope and immediately ran home to dial 999.

Reece, the court heard had sent messages to his mother and some friends who, realising something was wrong tried to find him only to discover police at the spot where he died.

The message to his mother read: "Mum I want to say I love you but I can't take it any more."

According to a GP report read out to the inquest Reece had no history of depression or mental health problems.

DC Damien Ayling, said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Reece's death.

When asked by Andrew Cox, deputy coroner for Cornwall, if the investigation had discovered any reason for Reece to take his life Mr Ayling said the only issue was the youngster having no accommodation. Mr Ayling said: "There was evidence of premeditation - obviously the texts, he had come with the rope and plastic chair to stand on."

Mr Cox said he agreed with the officer that the act had been premeditated and recorded a verdict that Reece had taken his own life.

He said: "It is always a tragedy when someone takes steps to take their own life, particularly when they are only 18-years-old. It appears to me that he did so for no good reason."