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Songs of Praise at Gulval Church 1975/76

Hi this is probably a stab in the dark but does anyone know where i can get a video or dvd copy of Songs of Praise in Gulval Church with St Mary's CofE school choir in 1975/6?
I was part of said choir and would love to show my kids.
thanks for any help


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mmm, this is a difficult one Sharon.
As far as I know we don't have anything like this on our site.But I suspect that both the local church and the BBC have copies of this show.


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You could try The Cornishman, our local weekly newspaper. Write/e-mail them to put an announcement in the paper for you.
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yes pops still searching do you blame me, my one and only claim to fame lol , next step is to contact Gulval Church and then The Cornishman
sadly Songs Of Praise do not have recordings of old editions and they also cannot send out copies of programmes due to copyright so no joy there thanks or the suggestion :)