Tenders agreed and clerk appointed Oct 1936



Penzance Town Council held a special meeting last (Wednesday) evening to consider the Gwavas estate building scheme. The Mayor (Ald. Robt. Thomas, J.P., C.C.) presided. The first matter was the following clause in the report of the Housing Committee-: Gwavas Estate Tenders. The committee considered letters from Mr. J. Foster and Messrs. Foster (Huntington) Ltd., regretting their inability to accept the Gwavas housing contract, and report from the Town Clerk thereon. The next lowest tender that of Messrs. E. Dennis and Sons, of Camelford, in the sum of £77,250. Owing to the increase in prices for building materials, Messrs. Dennis and Son have been compelled to increase their original tender by per cent. Resolved that the Council be recommended to accept the tender of Messrs. E. Dennis and sons, of Camelford, the total sum of £79,131 65, and that the Town Clerk be directed to make application to the Minister Health for sanction to the borrowing of the additional sum required. The cause was adopted.
The following further clause led to a long discussion: The Committee reconsidered the question of salary to be paid to the clerk of the works on the above scheme, and resolved that an advertisement be issued forthwith inviting applications for the post of clerk of the works for Gwavas Housing contract at a salary of £5 10s. per week. Councillor Edwards asked if the committee had considered the possibility of appointing someone as clerk of the works who was directly responsible to the Council. There was grave concern in the minds of some people in regard to that matter. Personally, he felt it would be advisable to appoint an official of the Council someone who would remaining in their employ after the work was done. When the Parc Wartha scheme was carried out they had as clerk of the works one of their own employees, and he believed the work was well done. Councillor Mrs Meek said she understood it was stated at the previous meeting that engineer would be required. Coun Edwards said they wanted to appoint an engineer, they already had a practical engineer. Coun. Vere thought it was ridiculous to talk appointing an engineer as clerk of the works. They had two housing architects. thought they should appoint one of their ordinary foremen and they would have an honest and good job. One of their permanent officials would look after their interests as well as any imported employee. There was lot common sense in what Coun. Edwards said.
Ald. Trenwith said he would Support the attitude of Coun. Edwards and Vere. The estate would be laid out by an architect who would deal with levels, sewers, etc. The job of the clerk of the works was to see that the work was done efficiently in accordance with the specifications. He moved that the matter be referred back to the Housing Committee with the recommendation that they should consider the advisability of appointing a member of their present staff, and that he should afforded any clerical assistance required. Coun. Vere seconded. Coun. Edwards said they had excellent man in Mr. Omar Pascoe. The Surveyor being appealed to, Mr. Pascoe did excellent work as clerk of the works of the Mousehole reservoir, but emphasised the importance, with contract such as the Gwavas building scheme, of having the quantities accurately measured up, entered, and rendered to him weekly. Ald. Trenwith moved that Mr. Omar Pascoe be appointed clerk of the works, and that Mr. Baker do the necessary clerical work. After very lengthy discussion this was carried. The question of the salary Mr. Pascoe should receive was then discussed in length. Coun. Pope moved that Mr. Pascoe's salary be £5 per week. Coun. Vere seconded, and this was eventually carried.

CONCRETE ROADS. The Committee's report also contained the following clause. The Borough Surveyor reported on the substitution of concrete roads on the above estate in place of those in the specification.; and it was resolved that the alteration in the specification be agreed to.


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So poor old Mr. Pascoe was paid 10 bob a week less than they wanted to pay someone from elsewhere, £31.73 in Today's money.
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