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Where was the Borough Arms Foundry?

Hi everyone,

In the course of tracing my mum's side of the family - Penzance/Newlyn/Sennen/Scilly Bonds, have found out that the Bonds ran the Borough Arms Foundry (est.1777) for many years until it was bought by Holmans in the 1890s. The foundry's retail outlet was 100 Market Jew St - see attached photo.
I reckon I've narrowed it down to the bottom of Jennings St - in fact the exact site of the proposed new development just north of the old lifeboat station.

Can anyone out there confirm this, and if so are there any photos out there of this part of Wharf rd/Jennings St/gasworks site before the gasworks that may show it clearly ?

Does anyone know how long the original buildings lingered on for on this site?

Incidentally, Cyril Bond Clark's (his shop/garage is featured elsewhere on this site) mother was Elizabeth Bond - daughter of John Bond who sold the foundry and shop to Holmans...

Many thanks

Ritchie T


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Fascinating story. I'm far too young to be able to help you. But we have some very knowledgeable members on here.
I believe that treeve ( a very senior and important member to Picture Penzance) did a study of the area and may well have some interesting articles on his website. I think I'm right in saying that he is in procession of maps that just might be of the area... But I'm not 100% sure of that.
Many thanks Treeve

You've certainly ruled out that it was on the other side of Jenning's Lane, as your map shows that area occupied by terraced housing all the way to the bottom

What is the date of your map, and is there any information with plot 2173 I wonder...




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This is an original of the 1842 "Tithe Map". of which there are two in existence (according to the theory of the Tithe Map system). Where the "other" is I have no idea, but I have been told by the Crown that they doubt it exists other than in hope.
I intend to present this to the CRO. I am in the process of transcribing the "contents". This is the reason that it was so very important to get it placed on the website.
It rather underlines the fragility of life let alone intentions, being in the present situation.
I have placed on Picture Penzance copies of maps earlier than the current 1971, I note that I have not placed the pictures that I do have of the harbour frontage yet. That will be rectified as soon as I can get into the storage room. I have a recollection of photographing them and I have a memory of copying these onto my computer. Best Wishes.
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Hi again Treeve,

I've come across a large scale OS map showing the site we thought was the foundry as lime kilns, so I may be back to square one.

I'll contact the Morrab library to see if they have anything in their collection...

You may be interested to know I'm modelling the development phases of this part of Penzance in Google Earth.

So far it's pretty basic - buildings are shown as different coloured 3D blocks to indicate their age, but I hope to render them to look like actual buildings at some point - assuming i get enough photographic evidence...

If you want a preview I'll attach the file for you...


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I have been looking for the photograph which Geoffrey Drewitt had of the Lescudjack Development because it included the frontage of the harbour. Your idea does have appeal, but the lime kilns were at the "mouth" of the bathing pool later on in history. I have placed this detail on Picture Penzance a while ago. With the original access to the beach. You are advised to consult the book "Port of Penzance" by Clive Carter.... This and the book by P A S Pool "History of the Town and Borough of Penzance" are a firm basis on which to start. Morrab Library also will be a serious consideration for anyone interested in such a project.
Thankyou, I would appreciate any contact to help in any way. I have had a "long term project in hand to form a historical 3D map of Penzance (having been requested for so much of this type of thing so many times before.)
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In the Cornish Times and Telegraph of 1935, I note that Mr Davey had a Lime Kiln at the bottom of Jennings Lane.


I remember many homes in Jennings St when I was a child in 30's one place that sticks in my mind is tin smiths that were there
making bath tubs, milk cans,buckets and other items......


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I have now found the "Industries of Penzance" by Peter Laws.
In it he states that (it) was established in 1772, owned by John Bond. I have photographed as much as is possible of the original "gates" of Holmans.
The foundry "was located near the Gas works on the site of Matthews' shipyard, at the foot of New Town Lane".... E W Crofts: 6th September 1883