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Christmas Tree powered by play


Staff member

Local designers and school children have created a Christmas Tree that is powered by play.
The project led by Dott Cornwall, a group of designers, scientists and project managers has spent the year producing a kinetic light system.
Inspired by the thoughts of local school children, the system is connected to a miniature playground which powers it.
The tree was tested by members of the public during late night shopping.
Over the past nine months Dott Cornwall has spent time working with Cornish schoolchildren between the ages of four and sixteen to design an adventure playground that is not only fun but can generate power.
As the idea has developed its been adapted into a one-off tree for the festive period.
The playground/tree has one specific principle; "the more fun the children have on the playground, the more the lights will shine."
Dott's festive tree is part of the Serious Play project, a programme which aims to marry the talents, knowledge and passion of everyday people, young and old, and professionals to create better solutions.
Speaking about the purpose of the tree, one its creators Dr Jo Henley said: " We're looking for people to become interested in the future, possibly to develop these prototypes into adventure playgrounds in Cornwall or otherwise.

"We see these pieces of play equipment could be educational tools as well."
A range of Cornish school children were involved throughout the design process, working on designing the pieces of play equipment to testing them out.
Children from Camborne Science College, youth groups in Redruth and also children met at road shows over the past year have all contributed to the project.
The Serious Play project is one of many schemes run by Dott in the county aimed at getting more local people designing solutions for their future.
For more information on Dott or any of their projects, you can visit the groups website by clicking here

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