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Cornwall Councillors Vote For A Pay Rise

Discussion in 'News' started by Planet Penwith, May 17, 2016.

  1. Planet Penwith

    Planet Penwith Super User

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    Councillors at Cornwall Council have decided they should get a 'pay' rise.

    An Independent Remuneration Panel recommended a rise in allowances from £12,249 a year to £13, 910 a year, that is an extra £1,661.

    Special responsibility allowances are rising too.

    The leader of the council, John Pollard, could see his extra allowance rise over five thousand pounds, from £20,200 to £25,734. People like cabinet members and committee chairmen also get these special responsibility allowances, which will also rise.

    In total the bill tops a quarter of a million pounds.

    During the full council meeting it was also agreed that a letter should be sent to the Cabinet Office over the way that councillors must vote on their own pay and calling for there to be a change in the process so that they are removed from the decision.

    A statement from Cornwall Council said that allowances had not changed for the last four years and an independent panel was asked to review things: "The Independent Remuneration Panel is totally independent of the Council. It is chaired by Margaret de Valois, an actuary with almost 20 years' experience who has provided advice on local government pension schemes and is currently Chair of Pension Governance Committee for IMERYS Minerals.

    "The other two members of the Panel are Kirsty Hickson, who holds a senior management role in a housing organisation in Cornwall, is studying for a Master's degree in Business Administration, and has a background of working within the care sector and Michael Willmore, a retired Finance Director for a private company, who has 25 years' experience as a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), was the founding Chair of the Trustee Board for CAB Cornwall and is also a Parish Councillor.

    "The allowances paid to Members of Cornwall Council have not changed for the past four years. The Independent Remuneration Panel was asked to review the existing scheme and come forward with recommendations which, if supported by the Council, will be implemented after the 2017 unitary elections. "

    Full run down here:
  2. Planet Penwith

    Planet Penwith Super User

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    I hope they don't get a pay rise!

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