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Vote of no confidence

Discussion in 'News' started by Halfhidden, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    Issued June 14th 2010

    On behalf of The Friends of St. Mary's Haven Day Centre, please find the following Press Statement.

    At a packed Public Meeting in Penzance, on Monday June 7th, chaired by Penzance East, Cornwall Councillor Ruth Lewarne and with St Ives MP, Andrew George present, a vote of no-confidence was unanimously passed against The Trustees of St. Mary's Haven.

    The vote of no-confidence follows the Trustees closure of St. Mary's Haven Day Centre on February 26th this year and the Trustees disregard for the well being of the vulnerable elderly people in their care. The vote was unanimous and the Public of Penzance have called on the Trustees to resign.

    The actual Motion of No-Confidence, printed in full hereunder, was delivered to Fr. Philip Dyson (Chairman of the Trustees of St. Mary's Haven) and to Bishop of Plymouth, Christopher Budd (Appointor of the Trustees)

    Public Motion of No Confidence in the Trustees of St Mary's Haven Penzance...

    We, the local community wish to publicly express our deep disappointment with the board of Trustees of St Mary's Haven. They have betrayed the trust of the community by their total disregard for the well being of our elderly and vulnerable people in their care. Their abrupt and disingenuous closure of St Mary's Haven Day Care Centre on completely unsubstantiated financial grounds, and against the overwhelming wishes of the parish and wider community is reprehensible. This gives us no alternative than to issue this formal public statement of No Confidence in the ability of the management board of St Mary's Haven to fulfil its stated aims. Consequently, we call upon the Trustees to resign forthwith so that the process of restoring the Charity's integrity and honour within the community may commence.

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