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Branwell House

Now the home of the Department of Works and Pensions. This picture shows the plot at the bottom old Clarence Street in the late 1980's. For those of you who don't remember, the Western Hotel stood here once.

Branwell House
Halfhidden, Mar 4, 2008
    • sparky
      WOW it looks so demolished....the Western doesn t look big enough to fit the DWP building in if you know what I mean! laugh# ::15:
    • treeve
      Just spotted, picture is mirrored. The garage space was immense, I went in there when we were surveying the space for works that did not go ahead.
    • izzy
      am i being daft or do you have the wrong name pon the picture because if this is now the new dss building it would be to the other side as you have the traffic lights both sides and this picture is looking down alverton street and the currant car park behind branwell house was used for biffa dustcarts at one stage sorry for bein thick but it may be the way im lookin at the photo ::17:::12:
    • sparky
      No the picture is mirrored
    • symons55
      Played in there when Brenda Whootan (spelling?) ran a folk club there,
    • treeve
      Been wanting to correct this for ages ....
    • Chill
      I've a few more of work on this site, unfortunately prints only and my print scanning capability isn't at present. They'll turn up here some day.

      Brenda Wootton, s55. Having sung at The Count House folk club in Botallack, when that closed Brenda launched Pipers Folk. It was at St Buryan initially, then when the Botallack Count House became available once more, moved there, then later into The Western Hotel. I remember it well.

      My father worked for GPO telephones and they had their depot in the Western Hotel garages. So, all in all, the Western Hotel was part of my life.
    • symons55
      I remember in the early 60's as an apprentice with S.W.E.B. going in there rewiring it. As you say the mid 60's were all about folk clubs and people like Brenda, John the Fish and many others were in the forefront. In the turn of 60's to 70's if you went to any folk club in Cwll to sing or to watch you always saw one of our very own locals there.
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    Mar 4, 2008
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