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    Halfhidden (founder member)

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Cricket team

Another team pictured here in the 1980's. Look there's Fred Poultar This picture was supplied by Neville Brown by kind permission from Bill Cock (headmaster)

Cricket team
Halfhidden, Oct 4, 2008
    • Planet Penwith
      Sitting far right is Martin Ashworth
    • tinasjewells
      That has got to be Jason Laity on the far right at the top - not sure if he went to Lescudjack but definitely look like his blonde hair and eyebrows!!
    • jonesyman
      Back (left to right): Marcus Reeve, Andy Jones (me), Stephen Smith, Colin Bosworth, Benjamin Reeve, Mark Butler, Mr Poulter.
      Front (left to right): Philip Mathews, Mathew Knowles, Nigel Nichols, sorry can t remember, Martin Ashworth
    • jonesyman
      Just remembered the chap bottom row second right that I couldn t remember his name (got a memory like a sieve these days !), think his first name is Neil but still can t remember his surname...will come to me out of the blue at some point I m sure. (Sorry Neil !!)
    • marco
      I think it s Neil Pierce ? I am standing next to you jonesy on your right !
    • jonesyman
      Well done Marcus ! That was driving me mad ! Sorry Neil. Does anyone remember me having two teeth knocked out playing against St Ives ?? Poor old Fred Poulter had to pull one out himself coz it was bent back at 90 degrees in my mouth. Bill Cock came round to my place to visit afterwards and for some reason my Dad got him to open one of those fake jars of Mustard with a springed up snake inside that jumps out when you open it. Made me laugh so much the stiches in my face split !! ::15:
    • blondesurfguy66
      It is neil Pierce.
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    Oct 4, 2008
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