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Do you know where this is?

The writing on the back says The boys Christmas day at D.A. Hospital Penzance, Sister Godfrey first one on the right, _ _ in case you don't recognize me. Wishing Mrs _ the family a happy New Year bringing peace to all and healing, signed by Isabella Godfrey. ( the _ gaps are because I can't read the writing!) This picture supplied by John Gendall

Do you know where this is?
sparky, Mar 27, 2008
    • treeve
      Was this the Infectious Diseases Hospital, top of Alverton?
    • Halfhidden
      Sean Will thought it could be a masonic gathering. It makes sense they gave to the hospitals and all the men are wearing ties and the same clothes, none of them look sick. This suggests that the hospital (or at least that wing) had just opened. But where?
    • Halfhidden
      Hell look everyone... There Sparky! ::17:::12: Contagious disease picture Penzance
    • treeve
      The isolation hospital was to keep those considered with a possible disease, mostly, as far as my uncle told me; all the beds are made up; the boys Christmas Day is a bit odd to describe their funders. Mind you, I would like to spend Christmas Day there with those nurses. I love the way they used to be dressed, well nigh angels.
    • treeve
      I think the greeting is to Mrs Henderson ?
    • sparky
      yes you could be right there just reading it again she wouldn t send it to herself. still .. a very interesting photo havent seen one like this before...have you?
    • treeve
      As Fats Waller sang ... I m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter ... - but no, I have never seen any thing quite like this, the tiny tables set out in a row between the lines of beds; barely enough room on the tables for Eddy s pop drinks. None of that wine or spirits.
    • denanmor
      So what does D.A. stand for?
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    Mar 27, 2008
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