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Images taken of the club after it closed

Images taken of the club after it closed

To be honest the sound system was ok. Quite clever in the way that the bass was contained within the building. That said some Muppet forgot to mention that both rooms were pumping out equal volumes even thou the other was closed... No wonder the Council wanted to have a word or two ::15:
Well in a nutshell the owners had a competent managers in the past (the Barn 40 years) but it seemed that they wanted to get more and more involved with the business. Because of this they lost the management and was forced to let the Barn. After a short lease witch ended in hostility between the lease holder and the owner, they decided to re open the barn. Unfortunately not only did they not have a full management team but the owners insisted on taking control of the business. Within days of opening the Barn was doomed. Non the less it struggled on for 5 month and closed. The place was re branded and opened again but once again the owners insisted on controlling the company and wouldn't allow the management to do the job they employed them for. Although it had a better attendance than the Barn... It wasn't long before even the simplest task had to go through the owners and therefore it collapsed. A classic case of someone who has owned a business for 40 years and not have a single clue how to run it.

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