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Jubilee Pool and the storm

Looking down the Promenade towards Jubilee Pool. This picture was taken in October 2006 late afternoon. By the evening the storm was at full strength Pic by halfhidden

Jubilee Pool and the storm
Halfhidden, Feb 20, 2008
    • trepolpen
      You can see the power in that wave!
    • taxicab
      The walls certainly take some pounding - good photo
    • HeamoorMan
      Over the years I have seen some hellish storms batter the Prom at penzance, I can just about remember the prom being rebuilt after a storm I think back in the early 60 s that devastated the Prom tore it to pieces,,,houses opposite were flooded, its said that the waves were breaking over the roof of the queens hotel, the hotel which name escapes me but is right beside what was the winter garden at the bottom of Alexander Road was completley flooded out, and the I think its the Tolcarne Pub at newlyn had its roof caved in by the sea,,,
      And also did you know that Penzance Promenade was once a lovely sandy beach, before they built the Jubilee Pool, and that was the ruination of the beach,,,My old dad told me years ago, and his dad My Grandfather was a Docker in Penzance, apparently when they were looking to build the Pool, all the old boys down (Fishermen and dockers etc,) there told them that if they built that pool there it would take every grain of sand there was off the beach, as it would effect how the tides and currents there,, and the so called experts thought they knew better and ignored the advice,,,,,SO who was right? look at the Beach now, and its been like that ever since the pool was built!!
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    Feb 20, 2008
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