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Penare House - Then And Now
Hedge Slammer

Penare House - Then And Now

Penare House, Penare Terrace, Penzance (up near Princess May Recreation Ground, Battlefields)
Ha! saw some guys and girls painting this other day... how bizarre this should come up on here (the bottom pic) :) xx
It's still a fine house inside despite it is now flats. the staircase is a wonderful example of the period.
Now you've made me want to go and knock on the door to take a peek. :)

I wonder why and when that central window go bricked up?
Yes go and knock. The residents are mostly Ukrainian but they are all nice people and have offered to let me take photos but I've not had the time. The staircase and landing is original and very nice.

I'm guessing the windows were blocked up because of the "daylight tax" that basically was a way of working out the tax of a building. The more windows it had the more (poll) tax it paid. To get around this wealthy property owners simply bricked up the windows.

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