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Rhodda Villas - Then And Now
Hedge Slammer

Rhodda Villas - Then And Now

Rhodda Villas, Taroveor Road, Penzance (opposite the end of Alma Terrace).
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bottom pic is taken in St Marys St, gotta say kept as original, and lovely to see is it a cow or a horse in the black n white pic? cant quite make out but nice to see what it was like back then as I never seen this before, Thank you for uploading then / now like these a lot and makes it easier and in some cases gives that wow or omg never knew this ... :) xx
It took me ages to figure out exactly which house this was - Rhodda Villas don't appear on the 1878 map, yet St. Mary's Street was built around 1885 (not yet built in the original photo) and St. Johns Church (which is in the original) went up in 1880/81.

Of course, just because it wasn't on the map, doesn't mean it wasn't there in 1878. :D - The greenhouses are on the map, though... part of an agricultural cluster that's (unfortunately) just out of shot to the right.

And yes, I do believe that it's a cow. :)
have to admit, Rhodda villas is and still as today a daily part of my route, have never seen the C1883 photo before so be interesting to see what else you may have? love to see them? :) xx

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