Regent Meadery

Regent Meadery

The way out to the main bar at the Regent Meadery.
Here is where my memory goes haywire. I thought the Meadery at the Regent was down below street level, and that later became a Mexican restaurant, based rather on the London Tex-Mex bars; Senor Fred's or something like that, was it? Had some good meals down there.
this is downstairs in the meadery...and the stairs goes up to the Regent Bar.
Senor Dick's wasn't it? Went in the Meadery a few times for the chicken in a basket (with the obligatory chips); could have a whole chicken if wanted, or if ravenous. Not my favourite, as never liked chicken with skin or with bone, much rather have a basket of king prawns/scampi; remember the furore when it was discovered that many restaurants used monk fish instead, the daft part is that they cost around the same, but monk fish is less trouble to prepare. When they went Mexican, went in there twice, ansom smells and flavours. Now, that IS finger-lickin' good, Olé and Ola
Was Senor Dick's for a while, then became a steak house which didn't do too well, closed then opened as the Zero Lounge, a 'kicking nite-spot'!

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