Restormel House

Restormel House

This is the Lescudjack School athletics champions 1963
Picture supplied by Mr Owen
From top left Jonn Cox, Peter Darracot, John Richards, John Buckland, Gilbert Mathews, Miss Whitting, Geof Sinnot, Mr Owens, Michael Bates, Francis Rolf, Jonathen Mathews, John Arthur, Linda Memear, Lorraine Semmens.
next row Kelvin Taylor, Christine Searl, Alistair Tucker, Sharon Meace, Jacky Jehu, Lynne Davy, Charles Downing, Linda Brayley, Michael House, ?, Kelvin Watts.
Next row Colin Downing, Michael Eddy, Danny Mayers, Dicky Darby, Ferguson, Paula Jenkin, Alison Cotton, Ferguson, Mary Rodgers.
[b]Names supplied by Charlie Downing[/b] and a little help from you guys
Hi Its not me in the picture i was in St Mawes its Charlie Downing... 9th one across is Michael House

Des Menear
front row from the left : 3rd person after m.eddy i believe to be Danny Mayers , and the person next to him is : Dickie Darby

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