School Choir 1947

School Choir 1947

Back row: 11th from left John Peters, 9th from right Boase, 6th from right Douglas James 2nd back row: 3rd left David Lawry, 6th left S.R Eddy, 7th left Pert Tanner, 2nd right Kit Easterbrook Front row: John White, -?-, Keith Mollard, -?-, -?-, -?-, Bob Vingoe, Mr. Behenna, 2nd from right Billy Leah In front, from left: Keith Bosworth, Franklin Trevarthen, -?-, -?-, -?-, 'Pussy' Trembath, rest unknown
I remember we made a recording. Does anyone remember this? I would love to know what it was and if it still exists !!!!!!!
I'm not sure at this size, but it looks like my dad is in this pic. He's not the one standing directly behind the teacher wearing a light blazer, but the boy to 'our viewpoint's' right of him - with an open collar, white shirt, light coloured hair. I'll have to check with him!
?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Boase,?,?,Douglas James,?,?,?,?,?

?,?,David Lawry,?,?,S R Eddy,Pert Tanner,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,Kit Easterbrook,?

John White,?,Keith Mollard,?,?,?,Bobby Vingoe,Mr Behenna,?,?,?,?,?,?,Billy Leah,?

Keith Bosworth,Franklin Trevarthen,?,?,?,Pussy Trembath,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?

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