School Choir 1948

School Choir 1948

Back row: 3rd left Bobby Vingoe, 5th left David Lawry, 6th left Kit Easterbrook, 9th left Stuart Collins Second back row: 1st left Keith Mollard, 5th right Philip Pengelly Second row: -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, William Leah, -?-, -?-, -?-, Mr. Ben Batten, Mr 'Doffy' Behenna, Archie MacGeorge, Tom Barnes, R.D. Williams, Del Johnson, Vaughan Pender, Ben Richards, -?-, Tommy Toman. Front row: 1st left Keith Bosworth, 9th left Franklin Trevarthen
Second row from back, tenth is Philip Pengelly. Third row fifth is William A Leah, then in the same row after Mr Behenna come Archie MacGeorge, Tom Barnes, R.D.Williams, D.L."Del" Johnson, Vaughn Pender, Ben Richards, --?--, last Tommy Toman.
Is the Christmas alcohol still affecting you OldPenwithian? You have 2 William Leahs!! The real one is 5th from the left in the second row from the front and next to Doffy is Ben Batten.
Don't know how I missed this comment 'Long Rock Boy' - no it wasn't because I was still under the affluence of incohol ::10: Thanks for the correction. I should have recognised Ben Batten.
Back row: 3rd from left is Bobby Vingoe, 5th David Lawry, 6th Kit Easterbrook, 9th Stuart Collins

Second row from back: 1st Keith Mollard

Front row: 1st Keith Bosworth, 9th Franklin Trevarthen

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