Sixth Form 1955

Sixth Form 1955

Back row: M. Sullivan, M. Rosenberg, I. Barnes, D. Rowe, D. Colliver, E.L. Costigan, D. Jory, Roach, A H Osborne, David Rowe, -?-, M. Barnicoat, O. Williams
Middle row: A.E. Pearce, J. Toman, J.A. Thomas, P. Mabbott, B. Heather,R. Pennick, -?-, R.C. Ralph, R. Smith, B. Semmens, R.W. Jenkin, M. Harris, C.R. Hurrell, B. Mitchell
Front row: B. Coak, J. Hitchens, C. Tiley, J.P. Maitland, R. Perkin, C.C. Smith, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Otto, Mr. Rising, Mr. Murray, Mr. Harvey, F.M. Peters, T. Runnalls, M.T. Greet, M.G. Clarke, E.R. Richards, A. Harvey.
Just catching up with comments after several months. Thanks to all who have contributed names and information. Apologies for the extreme delay in responding but personal and family circumstances have been a greater priority.

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