Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Back row: -?-, Johnson, Kempthorne, Edwards, -?-, French, -?-, Barnes, -?-, Nicholls, Chellew, Kliskey, -?-, -?-
Middle row: -?-, -?-, H. Bolitho, -?-, -?-, T. Bolitho, R. Ollerearnshaw, -?-, Michell, Peters, Williams, Harvey, Booth, Treloar.
Front row: Holmes, McGeorge, Mr. Whiteman, Mr. Rising, Mr. Otto, Mr. Williams, Pengelly, Toman.
Filling out and adding some of the names: Back row second D.L."Del" Johnson, third Colin Kempthorne, fourth P.M."Pemmie" Edwards, fifth I think is Leslie Lang, sixth Pat French, eighth Tom Barnes, ninth R.D.Williams, tenth Peter E.J."Pejie" Nicholls, twelfth E.H. "Young Jake" Kliskey. Middle row, third Stanley Horton Bolitho, sixth Trevor Bolitho. Front row seventh Roger Ollearnshaw, tenth Wyatt Williams, eleventh Steve Havery, thirteenth Raymond Treloar. Front row first Eric (?) Holmes, second Archie MacGeorge, seventh Philip Pengelly, eighth Tommy Toman.

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