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Teacher group photo

Front row left to right Miss Hillage,,??Mr Buzwell,Mr Cotton,?Ron Moore,?Mr Burton, Mr Henderson,Miss Valerie Easton,? ? next row up ??????? Miss Carter(King) Miss Coombes,Mrs Glover,?Mr Cooper Next row up ????? Mr Piper,??????? Top row,? Mr Jelbert,????, Mr Hale,? Mr Olsweksi,??? Mr Salomie I can't remember any more names...please feel free to fill in the blanks...Pic supplied by Neville Brown

Teacher group photo
sparky, Oct 15, 2008
    • dingdongd
      Front right Alan Richards
    • sparky
      Of course remember now ::6:
    • dingdongd
      Surely Jan Olsweksi is to the right of Mr Moore.
    • sparky
      Mr Olsweski, is the one in the back row Black beard and glasses cant remember what he taught ....I m sure that is his name although I could be mistaken.
    • dingdongd
      Well, there s another one in the front row.
    • Jimmers
      Mrs Clow is between Mr Moore and Mike Cotton; next to Mrs Easton is Mr Henderson (not -Smith); then Mr Grant; then Mr Richards.

      Mrs Rhodda the first in the 2nd row (far left of the picture); the other end I think is Mrs Coombes, Mrs May, Mrs Beeson, Mr Cooper.

      Mrs Penny is on Mr Piper s right; Miss (?) Tucker is on Mrs Penny s right; Mr Jolly is on the (far right) end of that row.

      Back row I believe goes (from the left): Mr Graham, Mr Jelbart, Mr Thomas, Mr Reeves, can t remember (possibly Noel Thomas?), Mr Penberthy, Mr Hale, can t remember, Mr Care, Mr Henderson-Smith, Mr Rashleigh, Mr Welham, Mr Spiderman (Salome).

      This looks to be first half of the 80s somewhere - anyone know the date?
    • Jimmers
      Is that Mr Exelby on Mr Piper s left?

      Then possibly Mr Packer after that. Although I seem to remember him starting during my time, and this photo appears to pre-date me there. So not sure.
    • sparky
      Many thanks for your addition of the names.....I remember some of them... ::15:
    • Denzil
      Mr Care - Back row, 5th from the right
    • missp
      Mr Eric Ashcroft is to the 1st right of Miss Hillage. Eric was my father in law, he passed away in 1991
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    Oct 15, 2008
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