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    Halfhidden (founder member)

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Those were the days

Smoking whilst making sandwiches for the customer wasn't seen as a bad thing in the 1980's. This is my sister Dawn Barnes, But do you recognise the cafe she is working in?

Those were the days
Halfhidden, Mar 28, 2008
    • sparky
      she not making sandwiches! I think I may know where this is...but not telling, look at the hanging cabels :eek: :eek: health and safety would have a field day
    • trepolpen
      Look at all the new banknotes hanging out to dry behind her!
    • treeve
      Its amazing what you can do with old crisp packets. ::15:
    • lindyloo
      Its the mill just along the lane from where the Cornishman newspaper used to be printed. They used to do the best salads ever .
    • BayOfPlenty
      Wasn t it called The Millhouse ? (just to be pedantic on my part) laugh#
    • treeve
      So, the obvious question is - why Millhouse ? Was there a mill here?
    • sparky
      I seem to remember this place being named the Millhouse....but I never knew why....and that it featured some bands that used to play regularly I have been told......don t think I went to any mind you... sad#
    • treeve
      What a depraved youth you led .. sorry, deprived ... laugh#
    • JonQuixley
      It's the Millhouse, the packets behind Dawn are Pork Scratchings not crisps. As to the reason for Millhouse, I think it more likely a flour store/ grinder ??
    • nickspry
      This was taken in the late 70's I think, before the counter was moved round to face the front door.
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    Mar 28, 2008
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