building treneere estate

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    Heated meeting over buying land for Treneere Estate August 1936

    PENZANCE TOWN COUNCIL TRENEERE ESTATE DISCUSSION NOTICE OF MOTION DEFEATED Sunday Opening of Bathing Pool Controversy. Most of the business of the monthly meeting of Penzance Town Council on Monday night was taken up over the controversial question of the proposed compulsory purchase of the...
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    Considering the price of building Treneere Estate December 1937

    THE POSITION TRENEERE HOUSING ESTATE DIFFICULTY OF ARRIVING AT PRICE. Councillor H. French, at the meeting of Penzance Town, Council, Monday, voiced the general feeling the public of Penzance as to the position of the Council in regard to the proposed building estate at Treneere. Councillor...
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    Plans to build Treneere Estate April 1938

    TRENEERE HOUSING ESTATE £146,000 SCHEME ADOPTED RACE AGAINST TIME OVER 140 HOUSES TO BE BUILT BY CHRISTMAS. At a special meeting on Friday Penzance town Council adopted building scheme at Treneere involving a total expenditure of over £146,000. the Council propose to build 316 houses. for...
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