Considering the price of building Treneere Estate December 1937


Although plans and contracts had been drawn up for the construction of Treneere estate, a price for the land had not yet been agreed. This meeting shows the determination at which the town council was going to deal with the matter.


Councillor H. French, at the meeting of Penzance Town, Council, Monday, voiced the general feeling the public of Penzance as to the position of the Council in regard to the proposed building estate at Treneere. Councillor French asked Ald.Trenwith (chairman of the committee) what was the position in regard to the building the proposed houses and if he could give them assurance that they would be completed in time to receive the subsidy. Ald Trenwith said he was afraid he could not give Councillor French assurance as to the latter part of his question. Time would prove. Powers had been given to the Town Clerk to issue orders upon the owners of the property to take occupation. Occupation had been obtained, but still the district valuer was unable to get the property owner to come to satisfactory conclusion relative to the price. "Even if we take at the full price named by the owner," said Alt Trenwith "most of us are satisfied in our own minds that we are having it, at a fairly reasonable price." 'The matter was still subjunctive, so far the district valuer and the valuer for the owners are concerned! The possibility is that may have to take compulsory powers, and if that so have ask the Council to give powers take the matter to final conclusion." Councillor Trezise said the matter had been dragging on for a long time. Surely the district valuer could decide a time limit. Thought they should convey to the district valuer their sense of the urgency of the matter. Ald. Trenwith: I have used all the powers I possess to press the officials to get the thing done. It is not the officials fault the fault the district valuer, it is the fault of the other people.
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