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  1. Garage


    The BP garage
  2. Old chapel

    Old chapel

    This old chapel is being rebuilt (I hope)
  3. Horses


    These two were such fun I wanted to stroke them
  4. Cottage


    On the Back road between Marazion and St Earth
  5. Cottage


    This cottage was on the back road just after St Earth
  6. St Earth Station

    St Earth Station

    Another glance at St Earth railway station
  7. Marazion


    Marazion's first hotel in Long Rock
  8. That thing

    That thing

    I have no idea what this was
  9. Dead end

    Dead end

    A grave stone in St Earth church yard
  10. which way

    which way

    I do like these old signs
  11. gate


    No it isn't Bill gates
  12. Helicopter


    They still fly from Penzance
  13. closed pub

    closed pub

    Closed for now after someone didn't pay the rent.
  14. phone


    These types of phone boxes were common place in the 80's
  15. St earth school

    St earth school

    Old St Earth school
  16. St Earth church

    St Earth church

    St Earth church
  17. St Earth station

    St Earth station

    This is St Earth railway station
  18. gate


    I loved the green colour and the fact that the ivy was taking the gate over
  19. White Cross

    White Cross

    A post box in the wall at White Cross
  20. Golden


    Some of the golden fields on my travels