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Alverton Street 1922 - 1939

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Aug 27, 2011.

By Halfhidden on Aug 27, 2011 at 9:43 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    These are the memories of Jack Pengelly.
    Written in 1988 of his memories of Market Jew Street, The Terrace, Albert Street, St John's Court, Gas Lane and Market Place 1922 through to 1939

    1 Sampson, Jeweller, then Harry and after him J. Warren both Tobacconists.
    2 Taylors Garage.
    3 N.J. Hall, Grocers.
    4 Warrens Restaurant.
    5 Star Tea Company (H, Dugdale worked there).
    6 J.J. Stevens, Grocer then Roberts, Ironmonger followed by H. Lawry Ironmonger.
    Pool's Offices.
    White Lion Hotel. Miss Lugg's for many years.
    1 Gray's Wet fish Shop.
    2 Stewarts, Ironmonger & Plumber, then Curry's.
    3 Greengrocer. Became Pox the Chemist around 1920.
    Vivian & Thomas, Solicitors.
    4 Burgoyae's Candy Cabin, Sweet Shop. Tea rooms over.
    5 Cooked Meat Shop became Matthews Greengrocer.
    6 Perry's Pork Butcher and Cooked Meats. Alverne Inn.
    7, Trewhella, Butcher.
    8 Rossitter, Jeweller. Had large clock over entrance.
    9 Uren's Sweet Shop. Became Allen, Radios.
    2 Lionel Houlson, Hairdresser, hot bath facilities available.
    3 Miss Williams, Wool Shop.
    4 Turners, Saddlers and Sports Shop.
    5. Hawkey, Grocer.
    We now go over to Alverton Street starting after the entrance to St. Johns Hall Car Park.
    Swan's House and Shop also Taxi Service and Agent for Hospital Oxygen.
    Alfred Smith, Furniture and Undertaker. (No. 31. Clarence Street). Western Hotel. (Also Clarence Street).
    Alverton Street Cont.
    Whits's Paper Shop.
    House preserved as listed building, owned by a Mr. Preston,
    Bailey, Outfitters, they also made Bowler Hats to measure at the rear. The entrance was by the rear of Polsue's also a Bakers Shop next door.
    Richards Shoe Shop taken over by Brockways, later closed.
    St, Johns House and St. Johns Bottle end Jug Long Room.
    Polsue, Draper Later pulled down and built as Addores then Guines Gowns.


Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Aug 27, 2011.

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