BBC Weather Man Swears


The outlook is stormy for one BBC weather presenter.

Tomasz Schafermaker has had to apologise after giving the finger live on telly.

He was being teased by a presenter on BBC News when the camera cut to him.
He looks alarmed and furiously starts to rub his chin.
A BBC spokesman said: "Tomasz was not aware that he was on air, and whilst the gesture was only shown for a second, it was not acceptable.
"The News Channel presenter live in the studio acknowledged a mistake had been made, and we apologise for any offence caused."


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wonder if this will be ever shared maybe on TV blunders or something like that...about time there is a new one made of all the blunders and funny they are funny to watch!
I like the lady newsreader's response, classic..something I would say!! lol
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