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Causewayhead 1922 to 1939

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Jul 10, 2010.

By Halfhidden on Jul 10, 2010 at 11:26 PM
  1. Halfhidden

    Halfhidden Untouchable Staff Member Administrator

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    These are the memories of Jack Pengelly.
    Written in 1988 of his memories of Causewayhead 1922 through to 1939


    Premier Garage (the top of Causewayhead) (was Mr Rogers) Section of wall used for advertising.
    next down was Miss Thomas - papers, books and comics. Family there for many years.
    Then the sweet shop - changed for fish and chip shop. (Harvey's).
    Farmers Arm’s Public House - the family Eathorne owned this for many years.
    Then some small houses. These were bought by a Mr Ellis who came to Penzance. He was a Local Councillor - had lost a leg and walked on a wooden leg. He developed these houses into two shops, one taken by Mr A. James (butcher). Mr Ellis developed many sites in Penzance - The Labour Exchange, Hotel Royale, Sea Shanties Cafe, Houses and Shops Medrose Stores.

    The other shop was opened by Mr Watts, health foods.
    There was an opening into rear yard behind shops where calves were slaughtered.
    Then there were some small shop which became part of Mr & Mrs Hallow’s - Vegetables and flowers. May have been Bert Box who rented out cycles for a shilling a day.
    Hollow's - florist.
    These shop later became Tonkin, bakers, after leaving Davies, bakers, previously at Market Jew Street

    Here are the shops in relations to their shop numbers:-

    44 Copp's Sweet Shop, later became Red Shop still selling sweets – Mr Daniel.
    45 House the front room of which was a hairdresser - Mr Dennis.
    46 House with passage to rear yard (Mrs Beynes who sold home cooked meats and was noted for her home made brawn, only a few pence for a quarter pound.
    47 House.
    48 Sr Luke, fruiterer. Later became Luke & Staples.
    49 House
    50 Mr Tonkin, tobacconist, papers and books.
    51 Mr Morley Richards, cycle shop.
    52 & 52A Was Sheppard Gerry Stores and Garage (their main shop being in the Greenmarket). Then became Batsman’s Garage.
    53 & 54 The Market Inn became a Cafe then Penzance Co-op General Stores.
    55 The old YMCA Rooms which changed to include a Religious Party and Office's and since that, again to other use.
    56 Hawkins Fish and Chips shop and restaurant, the side door also leading to the rear of High Street
    57 Turner's the Butchers – changed several times
    58 Cullis Sweet shop also Hairdresser, Mr Rolly Eddy was employed to cut men’s hair
    59 Hoskings Dairy, then became Dugdales Groceries
    60 Robinson's furniture Shop Shipping and Estate Agents. Later became Robinson & Lane. Corin's Foundry with an opening to the Foundry and also in the High Street,
    61 Miners Tailor and Outfitter later became Goss Groceries after they left Market Jew Street
    62 Wills Newspapers and Books.
    63 Existing shop closed and became the first T.S.B. (Bank rebuilt)
    64 Hutchens Jeweller
    65 Goddard’s Draper and General Shop, then Webber & Taylor Outfitters.
    66 Thorne‘s Greengrocer
    67 Trezise Hairdressers. Mr Tresize was a Councillor and became Mayor. The business now being run by his son
    6S&69 The Golden Lion Public House - pulled down and rebuilt as two shops, one taken by Millbay Cleaners and the other by Edwards the Butcher
    70 Julian the Jeweller, after many changes.
    71 Duke of Cumberland Public House. Many changes since.
    72 Lanyon’s newspapers Books and Comics etc.
    73 Perry’s Restaurant then Roberts and later rebuilt for Beckerleg Bakers and Cafe
    74 Foss Butcher. I used to stand outside the shop Saturday evenings wearing a straw boater hat selling off cheap cuts of meat and pork.
    75 The London Inn, well known for Younger’s Ale
    Opening into Bread Street
    Becker leg Baker's Shop then a store to the corner into Market Place. Above was the Little Tea Rooms that later moved to the Terrace. These we're later all pulled down and rebuilt as Timothy White's Ironmonger and Chemists.
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Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Halfhidden, Jul 10, 2010.

    1. treeve
      incidentally, Eddy Hairdresser was known as 'Rollo' not called Roily; my copy is 16 pages, covering the centre of the town - Causewayhead, Market Jew Street, Market Place, Chapel Street, Queen's Square, Greenmarket, Alverton Street, Stewart's Buildings, Union Street and Square. It was assembled and typed with handwritten additions, as mentioned, in 1988 from memory and without notes having been made beforehand.
    2. Halfhidden
      Yes I have the same copy but thought that I would separate the threads to their respective areas. The copy is multi generation and therefore not as clear as one would like... but then again it has been photocopied since 1988.
      I will post the others one at a time :)
    3. Sue Griffin
      Sue Griffin
      Delighted to read this and see reference to both Foss's butcher's shop, tying in with my own post on another page, and the Duke of Cumberland.
    4. Tropicgal
      'These shop later became Tonkin, bakers, after leaving Davies, bakers, previously at Market Jew Street' - I think this would be my First Cousin once removed - Bromley Tonkin who had a bakehouse at the top of Causewayhead back in the 50's. Further down at the newsagents/tobacconists #50 Causewayhead was my Great Uncle Garfield Tonkin.

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