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Conspiracy Theories


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I see, it is a typesetting dummy text ... but strangely the text translates ....
To begin with what is easiest, let us first pass in review the system of Epicurus, which to most men is the best known of any. Our exposition of it, as you shall see, will be as accurate as any usually given even by the professed adherents of his school. For our object is to discover the truth, not to refute someone as an opponent.


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Titanic 'conspiracy'

Right, here is a collated response from a group of experienced men of the sea and shipbuilding fraternity.
‘Anybody read this piece of fantasy? The author claims that the Titanic was swopped for the damaged Olympic whilst both were in H&W's Yard. Titanic was still building and the Olympic was there for repairs following a collision with a warship. He claims that the vessel,now lying on the sea bed in mid Atlantic,is actually the Olympic and the whole thing was a conspiracy on the part of White Star and the British government. It's a good thing,for the author,that all the participants are dead. His knowledge of things maritime is sparse to say the least. His antecedents even more so,born in Oxford and a jobbing builder/plasterer for 47 years. He should have stuck to plastering! This is a follow up to a previous book of the same ilk.’
‘There are people who now think that events in "Titanic" are all true because of the block busting film, a new film would also result in this conspiracy being true!’
‘Obviously H&W didn't swap the two vessels, they had a spare available all the time manufactured from all the bits the workforce nicked from the first two only White Star found out and reclaimed it back as Britannic which explains why a two ship order actually produced three vessels......buy two get one free which also incidentially explains why H&W is now part of Tesco's.’ :)
‘The author is a complete ****** who knows nothing about ships; at one point towards the end he castigates a particular shipping co whose ships had "particularly large and capacious holds !!!!!!????" .. or some such nonsense. I'm astonished that he got it published.’
‘I think that the Prussians, having planned on conquering the world , starting in 1912 instead of 1914 - decided to tow a giant iceberg ito the path of one of their own ships thus causing an international incident and reason to go to war. Unfortunately, the ship was replaced by 'Titanic' but no-one told the Prussians of this. It was at the last moment when 'Titanic' struck that her name became clear to the Prussians hiding on the berg. The fiends quietly left the berg on the blind side and crept qietly away. It is probable their leader was made an Archduke for his efforts and spent the following summer's holiday in Sarajevo. Let's face it - if others can write tripe so can I.’ :)
‘I prefer Terry Pratchett's version. According to him, a bunch of polar bears were sailing south on an iceberg, dreaming dreams of crunchy penguins, when this great iron monster came out of nowhere and sunk their iceberg.’ :)