Portrait Professional vs Portrait+, Which Retouching Software Will You Choose?

Usually I use Portrait Professional to enhance my photos since it provides the highest quality of portraits. But I recently tried Portrait+, another portrait retouching software to deal with my photos from my trip to Germany. This software shares some similarities with Portrait Professional but still remains unique with its own features. So which one should you choose? I'd like to make a comparison between their main features to help you decide.:)

Feature of Batch-processing
ArcSoft Portrait+ can batch-process portrait photos, including batch-import and batch-export while couldn’t.

Feature of Face Touch-up
ArcSoft Portrait+ is able to automatically detect up to 20 faces in one photo and has 20+ retouching style templates but no handy fine-tuning controls. Its photo effects are more natural.
Portrait Professional detects facial features with the help of manual location, and its style templates can be customized and saved more by manual control. Both natural and glamorous photo effects can be achieved.
Despite of above differences, these two software share the same function of adjusting feature points.

Work Efficiency & Target Users
The two have greatly improved work efficiency, and Portrait+ is faster and more convenient. Portrait Professional is for both professional and amateur photographers while Portrait+ is specially designed for professional photo studios, portrait studios and photo labs.

Personally, I think Portrait Professional is a better choice when retouching a few photos while ArcSoft Portrait+is better for enhancing larger numbers of photos. :)

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