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Printers Shop in Union Street Penzance about 1946 - 1951

Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Planet Penwith, Mar 31, 2016.

By Planet Penwith on Mar 31, 2016 at 11:05 AM
  1. Planet Penwith

    Planet Penwith Super User

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    I had a message off Tony Cook, a new member, with this request:

    My father-in-law worked in a printers shop in Union Street Penzance about 1946 -1951 and I am searching for information, or hopefully a photograph of the street during this time. I am new to Picture Penzance and thought that I would start with you - I hope that this is OK. If you cannot help can you forward my message to someone who may know something?

    Can anybody help please, thanks guys :)
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Discussion in 'Penzance' started by Planet Penwith, Mar 31, 2016.

    1. sparky
      will have to look through later on as off to work in a bit (hopefully) :) xx*thumbs
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    2. sparky
      just had a quick he sure of the name of the street? @Tony Cook as there was a printers in parade street and we have info and pics on this xx
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    3. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      It may be Parade Street, but Tony will know better. Hopefully he'll get back to you Tracey :) x
    4. Halfhidden
      I can't say I know of a printer in Union Street.
      there was a printer in North Parade owned by Edmond and Argall and another in Market place owned by Edward Rowe and of course the Cornishman in Parade Street. Other than that there might be an outside chance it was Chirgwin who printed books.
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    5. Planet Penwith
      Planet Penwith
      Thanks Steff, hopefully Tony will see this and get back to you :)
    6. Tony Cook
      Tony Cook
      My wife has found a document with a header giving details of The Penzance Printing Company Co. Ltd in Union Street (uploaded). The letter talks about my father-in-law dismantling and reassembling platens, wharfedales and Linetype printing equipment and moving these to new premises. He lived with his family in a flat above the Union Street address which is now the Hairdressers Salon opposite the car park. I have found adverts in the Cornishman Newspaper (13/02/1947 and 26/06/1947) for the The Penzance Printing Company when they were based in the Arcade. So I assume that they moved from The Arcade to Union Street. My father-in-law (Bryon Turner) started with the company around 1946 then left and moved to Taunton in 1950. I cannot find any further information about the company when at Union Street. Can anyone help with ideas for possible sources of information

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    7. Tony Cook
      Tony Cook
      Now found further information that the Penzance Printing Company (Union Street) sold the business around 1950 - 51. The new owners we part of a London based company who printed materials for products/marketing for stars such as Frankie Vaughan. I cannot find any advertising in the Cornishman for the company when at Union Street. I assume that they were mainly interested in the London Agency work and soon moved elsewhere. (Why they would use a Penzance based printer for work needed in London is an enigma)
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    8. sparky
      This is really fascinating reading, as I didn't think /or know that we had printing co at Union St. here's what we have found so far .....
      the Penzance printing company Ltd was incorporated in 1937 and dissolved in 1959 the company number was 323360. you can request more info about the company from the national archives. (we will keep looking on your behalf Tony) and post anything that we find on here :)
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    9. Tony Cook
      Tony Cook
      Thanks for your interest in this search. I look forward to finding out more.
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