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So who likes gardening?


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So who out there likes to get a bit of dirt under their finger nails?

Do you grow your own veg? Or perhaps you prefer flowers?

What's the situation with allotments in the PZ area - all fully used or are there vacant plots?

Know of any competitions for best veg or home produce in the area?
Love it - NOT.
I have the National Collection of weeds in my garden.
Allotments are issued through the Town Clerk's Office I think.
Spring Show in St John's Hall each year is the first competition that springs to mind.


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Ah, PZM - you don't know what you're missing - or perhaps you do!

We've only got a yard - but with some raised beds and a bit of concrete busting, it's now a little oasis.

Had fresh runners beans this evening with supper, picked straight from the plants - tasty!

Thanks for the info in your response ::15:


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I used to have a well set out Japanese style garden, everything was neat and displayed all the care possible. But that has all gone now. Now it is getting to be pretty much my own personal Chateau d'Usse. The basics are still under the dross, should be like the Mill on the Floss. Hey Ho, such is Life.


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Hi Tabtab13...
Interesting point you have made in regards to growing your own veg/flowers?
I personally just havent the time to spend in the garden,cutting grass picking weeds etc, but when I was alot younger I loved to pick weeds, pick the veg out of the ground as we had our very own vegetable garden....yes it was a garden as we had all sorts growing such as Potatoes, carrotts, Tomatoes, runner beans, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, we had lots more just cannot name them all at the mo.! even had a small apple tree.

Those were the days!
I buy my vegetables from Thornes now as to the supermarket because they are much cheaper for one, and you can buy just what you need without them going off before they are all used.
And walking passed there today I don't know if anyone else has noticed but they are selling Purple cauliflowers, yes I said purple! never seen any thing like these before.!
But there veg taste so different to the supermarket vegetables, and as for the carrotts you can buy these with all the green leaves on something which you don't see in supermerkets today.
Flowers....umm not one for growing or plants for that matter, what ever I do they just don't seem to last!
I think what I am saying now is that if I were to start a little vegetable plot ( I emphasize on the word little) I just would not have the time to devote to it, but also I would have to be in the right frame set of looking after it, which believe me would not be very often,
as for vacant allotment plots as far as I know all of our allotments which the nearest ones to me would be in Heamoor, and I don't think that there are any free ones going if you know what I mean, they are very much worked on a daily basis. I don't know of any competitions going on except that the PHA hold an annual competion for the best looking garden thats to do with flowers.
Do you have an eye for gardening then?


Senior Member
Yes I enjoy gardening I find it very therapeutic. I shall never be a canditate for 'Homes and Gardens' and my lawns will never pass the 'bowling green' test. I never use weed and feed on my grass so consequently it is full of cowslips, daisies and buttercups. I am very proud of my cowslips which increase every year. I also have a daphne bush which I bought 24 years ago, 6 ins high, it has now grown to an area of 4ft; the fragrance in January/February is out of this world. I donot have a lot of annual plants in the borders as I prefer to grow them in pots and containers. Being an odd bod I actually like weeding (being even odder I also like ironing), however, the one weed which is driving me insane is, I think it is called 'mind your own business' it forms a carpet everywhere more so with the wet weather we keep on getting. ::12:


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Hi Sparky,

Just hobby really, it's been something I've been interested in since I was a child. And these days it gives me something physical to do as my job entails working on a computer - so a fair amount of time spent on my backside!

I think the purple cauliflower you mentioned originally came from Italy - but don't quote me on that. There's another variety that's sort of 'pointy' - or perhaps that's the purple one - I think the pointy one has green florets. As you can see, I'm not that hot on names!!

I've often wondered why cauliflowers and sweet chestnuts bear a resemblance to the human brain ....!

Here's a handy tip. If you've got a small place that gets some sun, grab a big plastic flower pot (or container) and some compost. Or earth from your garden. There always a spud or two lurking in your veg rack that has started to sprout. Plant in the pot, leave for a couple of months or so and you'll end up with a small crop of baby potatoes.

Par boil them, drain and dry and then fry in olive oil with garlic and fresh Rosemary until they go brown - not too long though else the garlic burns - and so does the Rosemary. Serve with mackerel and a salad or veg of your choice - delicious!!



Staff member
I love fresh fruit and veg but as far as gardening is concerned give me grass or a patio for a BBQ, sunbathing and taking of the amber nectar and I'm happy. Digging and planting ::14:....gone past that....but...I can appreciate thos that enjoy it. ::15:


Staff member
I'm no longer green fingered... but my "rants" are. They grow lots in their garden.... Tomatoes,.... err, thingamajigs and some green things in a pot...... yep I think that's it!
I suppose they are lucky enough to have three gardens and the largest is enormous.... So big in fact that Penwith sixth form use to use it to teach children... hide and seek!... no, horticulture ::11:
Sparky's mother is the same..... grow, grow, grow.
I would be the first to admit that I love a well maintained garden. My grandfather did a superb jod on his. But his was what I would call an ornamental garden.... for looking not walking on.
Having said all that... I did enjoy a real tomato the other day.... How delightful it tasted. nothing like you buy in the shops.... Real taste and full on flavour. ummmm!
So summing up... My admiration to the gardeners of our time! ::15:


I love gardening and i have a good selection of flowers and shrubs.
Like Camelia, Arthur Bell roses(lovely scented yellow) Bottle Brush (red)etc..
This year we grew Peas & Tomatos and as HH said the tomatos are a lot tastier than any shop ones.
If all goes well next year we will have a small greenhouse and will be growing from seed and hopefully will have enough for sale with proceeds going to PP.


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Good on you Mark64!

Our runner beans have done very well this year as are the spuds we're growing in pots. I'm kicking myself now as I left it a bit late on planting the tomato seeds, so I'm not expecting much unless it's a long warm summer. Same goes for the peppers. Last year's toms did very well in spite of a lot of rain and not much sun just as the bulk of them started ripening. A few years back I grew some orange ones (can't remember the name now) but they were sweet and full of flavour straight off the plant.

The courgettes have taken a bit of a hammering from the local snail and slug population, but I have some more on the go. The non veg plants are thriving in spite of the snow we had earlier in the year which seemed at the time to have killed a lot of things off.

We have a toad living in the bottom of our compost bin - excellent! I take great care in taking him out whenever I open the flap to get at the compost and then pop him back in afterwards. Seems quite content in there.


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Missp and myself like a bit of gardening, we have a fair size paddock where we grow a few vegetables, potatoes, runner beans, sprouts, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers. I have just picked another few pounds of runners which Missp uses for the residents, you cant beat fresh veg straight from the ground. We have also had a good crop of Blackcurrants this year. We have another garden area where we grow herbs and flowers, its lovely to sit here in the evenings taking in their perfume. A favourite of ours is a Passion flower which hangs over our back door and kitchen window, it must have had a good 300 flowers on this year and are now waiting for the ornamental fruit to appear.

Yes, we like gardening and find it therapeutic, but dont always have enough time to keep it managed as we would like to, so we have kept a good sized lawn so our grandchildren can run around and enjoy it as well. ::15: ::15:


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We have now six hens in our paddock that are yearlings, four of them are laying daily, so now we have our own supply of eggs. Its good fun to have them, they are quite tame and let you stroke them.
Whats more is that they previously lived with hundreds of other hens in a barn and now have freedom and a comfortable house at night.

PS Anyone want to buy some eggs! :)


Major Contributor

That is good news for the hens, as well. Whilst on holiday, I experienced, saw and made some decisions in relation to my situation over the last few years. I am unable to use a power hedge trimmer (too heavy for my joints) or a standard trimmer, I cannot find a long handled shears anywhere, so it all has to be done by secateurs, standing on a set of steps. I will next get an incinerator and start clearing piece by piece. Under the jungle is a Japanese garden with pools and streams. It will take a while but it will get done, I just have not had the heart to do any of it until now.

I can always do with eggs, especially real ones. ::1:"Lucky" You


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That's great CW!

Nancy and I would like to have some hens too, but we don't really have the space plus it looks like the number of feline friends we have has increased to five .....

Giving hens a good home plus getting eggs too - what could be more rewarding?!



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They are very pleasing to the eye and just fun to watch. I was very lucky to get a good deal on an electric fence which missp tested for me this morning :D. Good to know it works.


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electric fence

Yes - how did you get missp to test it?!

Was it the "can you just touch this?" technique?!



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Could the fact that fried chicken was on the menu that night indicate the fence voltage was set too high? :D:D


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CW forgot to tell me to switch it off before unclipping the pegs, also it was raining and they got wet, and also because CW WAS STILL IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job I had my wellies on :eek: