Bruno's bar and filling station

Bruno's bar and filling station

A rare glimpse of Bruno's bar and Jet filling station. Here you can see the shop was built on the side of the building. Next to the K7 phone box was a sloped entrance. On top of the shop was the state of the art satellite dish. The filling station was also owned and operated by the Jelbert family.
Picture supplied by George Jelbert
A perfectly good building just wiped off the face of the earth by a huge business out to monopolise retail.
I am not sure for whom the original building was made ... the 1962 OS shows it as a part of the Caravan Park complex (Cricket Pitch to the east of that!! Nissen Huts to the west ); it is my suspicion (due to date, design and details) that this was one of either Frederick or Geoffrey Drewitt s designs.
Oh dear! I feel really old! I used to work in the office of the Caravan park before Brunos was there!
Going thro these old photo's, I also remember this from the mid 60's when I also worked for Ronnie Jelbert on site, working in the Barn, site electrician,transport drivng, sales. I could fill in a lot of history about this place.............

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