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    Halfhidden (founder member)

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Kasbas was closed for good this evening! I haven't placed this in the credit crunch section because the closure had nothing to do with recession.... Can't say any more than that.

Halfhidden, Jul 23, 2009
    • treeve
      So, just how many businesses have had a go here? One of them was a very good down to earth menu ...
    • Halfhidden
      @treeve Although the Kasbar started off as a restaurant (after Nick s closed in 2007) it was used more as a bar, sort of pre nightclub kind of bar if you know what I mean.:confused:
    • treeve
      I did notice - not my sort of place at all. Trying to remember the previous cafes - was it Jumbo s? I used to go there for lunch, and for evening meals.
    • Halfhidden
      Yes I think it was. Nick s was there for many years. If I recall correctly we have a picture on this site of Jumbo s
    • Penzancemaid
      That is not a picture of Michael Sagar-Fenton peeing up against the new boarding. The boarder-upper had just packed up his tools, and Michael must be admiring his handiwork.
    • Halfhidden
      read# read#
    • treeve
      UR in trouble again
    • Penzancemaid
      And who had previously lowered the tone by talking about nose-picking and canine deposits?
    • treeve
      I say, Chaps. One should retain a modicum of decorum, whhhatt?
      Absolute Shower !! read#
    • symons55
      If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a noise? read# read#
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    Jul 23, 2009
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