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Sportmans Arms re-opens

Sparky and Pokerboy enjoy a quiet sip in a busy Sportmans

Sportmans Arms re-opens
Halfhidden, Jun 15, 2009
    • BayOfPlenty
      Sparky s expression says it all: You can t even enjoy a quiet pint without some short-*rse pointing a camera at you!
      sparky ponders over her forthcoming screen test for yet an other episode of Coronation Street.
    • treeve
      More like pondering over her next plate of Coronation Chicken ...
    • sparky
      I may be interviewed for a part in Eastenders?...who knows? and about my part in Coronation street.. well done for spotting me I thought I kept that quiet?!!
    • treeve
      I was auditioned for Frankenstein, they had a lot of bit parts.
    • sparky
      does any one else recognise anybody else in the photo?
    • denanmor
      Yes! Is that Betty Stoggs?
      @ sparky Is it true that you always get the beers in because HH is fed up for being asked to provide proof he is 18? read#
    • treeve
      Pokerboy was standing the drinks - look at that wad on the table.....
    • symons55
      It s not that, he can t be seen above the bar to be asked that!!!!!!!!! read# read# read#
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    Jun 15, 2009
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