Coombe Cottage 1954

Coombe Cottage 1954

The very first picture taken on my new Digna Dacora camera; 1954; The building was Listed, but that did not stop the decay and collapse. I was later asked by a local historian for the negative - I gave him a print and stuck to the negative. By 1985, the thatched roof had collapsed in, there is precious little left now. A piece of history neglected. Chyandour Brook (Coombe River as we knew it) still rushes by, under the old bridge.
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I quite aggree...( what a lovely cottage) but this cottage should not have been allowed too have disappeared ......maybe thats the wrong thing to say..but I think you know what I mean...
Trouble is society and business knows the price of everything and the value of nothing . Something that has worth is to be cared for for it to survive, whether that be marriage, children, animals or houses.

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