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Treneere Shower

Treneere Shower

On the left, Nr 63 to 73 (67 behind the tree) prefabs, Polmeere Road; on the right Nr 66 and 68 Polmeere Road. Looking over the junction to Lower Peverell Road, in a bright spot on a showery day. Look at those TV aerials. Lower Trannack Farm cowsheds and stables behind the prefabs. 1961. That iron road gulley took a pasting around Nov 5th. What a noise and a clatter as the firework lifted the lid and it came down with a bang. That was with a penny banger.
Oh yes! Yes, yes! and more.... Yes! I like this picture. Oh how I remember those concrete slabs and the tiny prefabs ::1:

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1930s 40s 50s and 60s
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